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Freelance Staffing

We connect top experts with exciting projects in the MedTech industry

The medtech industry is experiencing a surge in demand for independent project experts due to technological progress and increasing regulation. The “freelance economy” is also on the doorstep in Germany. Companies are finding it increasingly difficult to fill expert jobs with permanent employees. The space for self-determined, more flexible work is opening up. New-Work is no longer just an idea, but the new paradigm of the next 10+ years. This raises many questions for experienced, self-employed experts on a new level: how do I find a project that challenges my skills, but also promotes them? How do I find a client where it is fun to work in a team? How do I find a project mediator who does more than just initiate contacts and handle the billing process?

We are here to provide answers to these questions. In doing so, we see close and intimate collaboration with independent experts as the consulting model of the future. Ideally even configured as a project team.

Our value proposition

  • constant access to exciting projects in the subject areas: Clinical, Regulatory, Production, R&D and Quality
  • joint profile and competence development within projects
  • active involvement in exciting innovation topics in the market (network)
  • personal support 24/7
  • assumption of all contractual and financial work
  • fast payment of the project work a few days after invoicing
  • option of additional remuneration and margin increases through repetitive cooperation (loyalty effect)
  • additional remuneration for initiating additional project options in the market (network effects)

Your advantage

  • exciting projects and always new topic extensions
  • close to the latest innovation trends
  • fast remuneration and payment
  • additional remuneration through loyalty and project leverage
  • relief on the administrative side
  • competence development and training access