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Permanent Recruiting

We find the best candidates for permanent positions - targeted and well selected.

The talent market in highly specialized fields is becoming increasingly tight. MedTech companies have to face this situation with completely new methods. Whereas in the past positions could still be served by active candidate markets, this is hardly possible today. The regional hook of candidates is getting tighter and tighter. At the same time, after the Corona pandemic, the demands for flexibility and self-determination are also increasing. Competition for the few available candidates is becoming increasingly fierce. Time to reinvent yourself in this area. To look for new ways and to work more closely on your own brand and corporate identity. We offer you a partnership at eye level here. In specialized staffing projects we activate the passive market of candidates for you. And help you to position yourself perfectly as an employer of choice. We use a wide range of tools to help you identify and approach candidates. And we carry out the selection in close coordination with you.

Our value proposition

  • intensive recording of the requirements for position and competencies
  • topic focus: Clinical, Regulatory, Production, R&D and Quality
  • analysis of the sourcing environment
  • development of a “plan-to-placement” with precise goals and timelines
  • definition of the target market with 40-60 sourcing candidates
  • candidate selection and presentation

Your advantage

  • exclusively defined search process with a clear execution model
  • project specific pricing model
  • complete transparency and detailed reporting
  • intensive support for candidate selection and retention
  • interlocking with freelance project staffing on request