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Care robots

In the last arcoro SNAPS we have already introduced you to innovative technological laboratory, disinfection and diagnostic robot solutions. Today we would like to draw your attention to another robotic approach – care robots.

The number of people in need of care in hospitals, nursing and old-age centres as well as in rehabilitation facilities is increasing rapidly. Projections predict that by 2030 there will be around 3.4 million people across Germany who will be dependent on the support of nursing staff. Since there is already a shortage of skilled workers in nursing and medicine, much hope is being placed in the use of nursing robots. Realistically, they can support human professionals and patients in everyday care and service situations, but by no means take over all tasks.

What is your opinion on the use of robots in care? What are the challenges to be met in the future? What tasks can the latest generation of care robots already take on? Find out more now!

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