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A Chinese proverb says: “If you look up, you don’t see any borders”. This seems to run like a red thread through the MedTech industry, because hardly any other industry is characterized by such a high level of dynamism and innovations. The industry is not standing still. New developments, patent applications, ambitious startups, fascinating hidden champions and renowned global players – the competition is fast, varied, and strong. But what does that mean? And how can you keep on track of things with so much dynamism? We have made it our business to uncover exciting research approaches, unique ideas, and innovators so that you can easily stay up to date! Get intensive insightsinto topics and trends like healthcare wearables, robotics, virtual reality and many more. We always keep an eye and ear on the market, and we are in constant contact with technical and industry experts.

Topics, trends & market movements

arcoro INNOVATIONS offers you monthly deep insights into a specific innovation topic in medical technology based on qualitative and quantitative studies, research, and expert knowledge. You can expect company overviews, expert interviews, information on innovative technologies and exciting results from market research.

Looking ahead: medical technologyof the future

We not only want to accompany the dynamism and change in the industry, but also consciously include our long-term partnerships with research companies, innovation laboratories and technology companies. We focus on togetherness, the active exchange of knowledge anddetermine the potential and challenges of the medical