Quality Management

Expertise in quality, risk and process management in the medical technology & pharmaceutical sector

Medical devices, pharmaceuticals and chemical products are subject to strict quality assurance requirements. This applies both to certification and approval procedures and to quality management of production and processes. In principle, products from regulated industries must meet specific performance and safety requirements throughout Germany and Europe. A quality management system monitors the entire production cycle – starting with the supply of materials through to product delivery. The key point here is that the product must meet customer requirements, production targets, and regulatory and normative requirements. The tasks dovetail closely with regulatory, manufacturing and R&D activities. Product manufacturers who demonstrate a quality management system in accordance with the DIN EN ISO 13485 and DIN EN ISO 9001 standards can thus prove that their medical, pharmaceutical or chemical product meets the basic requirements in terms of quality assurance or quality. Quality assurance of metrology, quality assurance of tools and quality assurance of manufacturing also fall into this category, as do quality assurance in incoming goods (incoming goods inspection) and quality assurance in outgoing goods. New technology methods are currently subject to the development of extended quality standards. These standards are currently being developed and will continue to underpin the importance of a mature quality model in the future. Technology is becoming more complex – and so are the manufacturing and production processes. The normative framework will evolve along with it. The same must apply to the respective company.

Refining quality management – and aligning it with new issues and innovations is typically a process that requires a high level of technical expertise. With our staffing solutions, we help solve resource bottlenecks to the point. We fill adequate specialist and management positions and offer our customers qualitative access to precisely fitting talents for the vacancy they are looking for. Our work is based on high quality standards, personal contact with candidates and companies, and specific industry expertise.

In the area of quality management, we support you in filling the following roles:

  • Head of Quality Management
  • Head of Quality Assurance
  • Head of Quality Control
  • (Senior) Quality Manager
  • (Senior) Manager Quality Assurance
  • (Senior) Manager Quality Control
  • (Senior) Manager Quality Systems & Compliance
  • (Senior) Project Manager Quality GMP
  • Qualified Person

Innovation Center for Quality Management

In our Innovation Center you will find up-to-date information on innovation products and technologies in the regulated medical technology, pharmaceutical and chemical industries – aggregated and to the point.

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