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Expertise for the holistic development of medical technology products in all risk classes

Medical technology companies are a major driver of medical innovation. To this end, very intensive research efforts are being made. On average, medtech companies invest around 9 percent of their sales in research and development. Progress has been tremendous in recent decades. Currently, completely new technology options are driving innovation. The focus here is on digitization, robotics, 3D printing, sensor systems, individualization, wearables and AI/IoT.

MedTech companies have been under enormous cost pressure since the Corona pandemic – supplemented by increasing regulatory requirements. This has a direct impact on research budgets and the speed of R&D implementation. At the same time, the pressure on innovation is increasing at a growing rate.

With our resource solutions, we help to solve project bottlenecks to the point. Innovation can be accelerated. Both within the respective company – as well as in cooperations and “shared R&D projects”.

Our service areas for fixed and flexible resource solutions:

  • Development and implementation of manufacturing processes for the production of complex medical devices
  • Technical analysis of products, product applications and manufacturing processes
  • Development of new and improvement of existing manufacturing technologies
  • Layout and process flow planning according to GMP and GAMP-5
  • Development of technical design documents (ISO 13485, 21 CFR 820)
  • Support of certification and approval projects
  • Process and test method validation
  • CIP / development processes (Six Sigma, Lean)
  • Preparation of work and test instructions
  • Construction planning / product development / design
  • Preparation of work and test instructions
  • Documentation of manufacturing and testing concepts
  • Quality management in product development
  • Patent monitoring

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