Research & Development

Expertise for the holistic development of chemical, pharmaceutical and medical technology products

The pharmaceutical and chemical industries are among the largest research and development sectors in the German economy. As a key driver of progress in the healthcare sector, companies from the medical technology, pharmaceuticals & chemicals sectors are engaged in very intensive research efforts. On average, companies invest between 4.5 and 12 percent of their sales in research and development. The progress made by these industries in recent decades has been tremendous. Currently, completely new technology options are driving innovation. The focus here is on digitization, robotics, 3D printing, sensor systems, individualization, wearables and AI, and IoT.

Both medical technology and pharmaceutical & chemical companies have been under enormous cost pressure since the corona pandemic and subsequent crises – supplemented by increasing regulation. This has a direct impact on research budgets and the speed of R&D implementation. At the same time, the pressure on innovation is increasing at the same rate. This is a balance that will reach a new level in the coming years.

To be able to cope with this pressure in the future, it is crucial to build on future-savvy and innovation-driven personnel. This is countered by the increasing challenge of the skills shortage and the difficulty of identifying available candidates with suitable skills and winning them over for one’s own company in the face of competition. Our consultants work with specialized talent pools, direct approaches and the activation of the passive market to find and present the ideal candidates according to your requirement profiles. In doing so, we always build on mutual trust, quality and personal relationships. With our years of expertise in the regulated industry environment, we are at your side as an intermediary and consultant for permanent positions in the R&D department.

In the area of research & development, we support you in filling the following roles:

  • Head of R&D
  • Head of Laboratory
  • (Senior) R&D Manager
  • (Senior) Design Engineer
  • (Senior) Manager Product Development
  • Innovation & Application Development Manager
  • R&D Technical Writer
  • Development Engineer
  • (Senior) Project Manager Product Development
  • Engineer Process Engineering
  • Application Engineer R&D

Innovation Center for Research & Development

In our Innovation Center you will find up-to-date information on innovation products and technologies in the regulated medical technology, pharmaceutical and chemical industries – aggregated and to the point.

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