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New developments, product optimizations and innovative research approaches – everything becomes faster, more efficient, and more precise. But what’s behind all this? Technologies that move medical technology.

Basics & contexts

From microchips to robotics to the finest sensor technologies – modern technologies are changing the world. The most important backgrounds and basic technological knowledge are aggregated, summarized, and illustrated with examples.

Technological updates

We investigate the latest and most important technologies and summarize them compactly. Always be up-to-date and never again miss industry trends that could possibly change the future.

Disruptive APDS technology for the treatment of dysglycaemia

Disruptive technology promises to optimize glycemic control and increase time-in-range, improving disease progression and quality of life for Britt...

Vein visualisation technology

supported by the use of near-infrared lasers when taking blood samples and placing accesses.

Implantable foils for nerve stimulation

Researchers expect that the first pigment foils can be implanted as early as within the next two years. Have you heard about the alternative method...

Telemedicine diagnostic points

A modern technology that contributes to the digitalization of health concerns.

Electronic Patient Record (ePA)

Learn more about the introduction and use of the electronic health record.

Telemonitoring via PA-Sensor

Learn more about the functionality, advantages and areas of application of telemonitoring in the new arcoro SNAPS.

Lab-on-a-chip technology

Are you familiar with lab-on-a-chip systems? Do you know the challenges researchers face in terms of manufacturing the systems?

NGS technology

Technology for rapid and cost-effective DNA sequencing.

Dark-field computed tomography

In the future, dark-field computed tomography will make changes in the alveolar structure visible at early stages. Have you heard about the new tec...

BiTE technology

BiTE technology to assist in the elimination of tumor cells

Digital volume tomography (DVT)

Do you know the difference between conventional X-ray examinations and digital volume tomography?

Eccentric screw technology in bioprinting

Can we expect a new era of the organ industry?

Implantable sensors based on gold nanoparticles

New implantable sensor promises longer service lifetime, lower rejection reactions and a reduction in transmission errors.

Detector technology CT

New detector technology promises to eliminate the shortcomings of conventional CT scanning methods

Virtual Reality Technology in Rehabilitation

Immersive technologies offer innovative therapy options.

Intraoperative 3D Augmented Reality Imaging and Navigation Technology

Learn more about the world’s first solution to advance minimally invasive spine therapy procedures in a hybrid operating room!

Laser technology (Bubble gun)

Injection without a needle? New laser technology promises painless, quick injections to make medical procedures easier for patients with needle pho...

3DNi technology

Regaining vision despite degenerative retinal disease with 3DNi technology.

Microfluidic multiplex biosensor

Are you interested in innovative sensor solutions? Then you should not miss the current issue of our arcoro SNAPS!

Diagnostic robot

Diagnostic robots – interacting with patients, autonomously determining disease patterns and giving advice on how to improve one’s own ...

Care robots

Can robotic support for nursing staff compensate for the shortage of skilled workers and demographic change?

UV-C disinfection technology

Autonomous UV-C disinfection robot promises infection prevention in healthcare facilities.

Laboratory robots

Laboratory robots – fast, precise and tireless helpers for recurring tasks.

Detector technology

New detector technology promises to eliminate shortcomings of conventional CT scanning methods

Mixed reality technology

Extending reality by merging holograms and medicine.

Anatomage technology

Virtual sections of the human body for anatomical teaching and training

Helix lumen technology

A technology to optimize the manufacturing process of silicone-based medical devices.

Quantum sensors

Quantum sensors -the hopefuls of new medical application areas

Exoskeleton technology

More mobility through exoskeletons – robotic assistance systems support rehabilitation and leisure activities

Light-optical 3D/4D spinal analysis technology

What advantages does the technology offer compared to conventional X-rays?


Driving innovation in industry – the versatile application of nanotechnologies in medical technology

RFID technology

Easy, contactless and automatic radio recognition and exact allocation in various medical areas thanks to RFID technology.

Neurograin technology

A new technology offers exciting new insights into how the human brain works.

Ultra-short pulse laser

A laser for microscopy processes and for observing fast chemical reactions? Learn more about ultrashort pulse lasers!

Microchip technology

You know microchips from your everyday life and would like to know how the technology is establishing itself in medical technology? Then take a loo...

Fluorescence sensor technology

Miniaturized sensors encased in biocompatible materials – innovative MedTech technologies!


A molecular cell technology to support medical diagnostics and treatment.

Foil sensor technology

Wearables and smart sensor technologies arouse your interest? Learn more about the application fields and advantages of foil sensor technology.


Sensor-integrated textiles

Have you ever asked yourself what is behind smart textiles? Do you know the difference between textile-integrated and textile-based sensors? Then y...

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