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A wrist-band to treat movement disorders?

Involuntary and uncontrollable movements – patients with movement disorders are confronted with this every day. The neurological disorders re...

Polymer plaster for internal wound sealing

Hydrogel plasters revolutionize wound sealing inside the body.

Smart Hospitals

Are you already familiar with the Smart Hospitals system or have you had the opportunity to experience one live?

Digital health coaching

Prevention and therapy of chronic diseases in at-risk patients and affected persons.

Innovative procedure for the treatment of acute multiple organ failure

Are you familiar with advanced approaches to albumin dialysis?

Digital Healthcare: AI & ML supported technologies

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are establishing themselves in the healthcare sector and opening up new opportunities.

Spotlight on: artificial organs

The number of donor organs needed exceeds the actual number available many times. In the future, artificial organs should counteract this shortage ...

Robotic exoskeletons

“Human-machine interaction” through robotic exoskeletons offer new therapeutic approaches.

Virtual Reality in surgery

Have you heard of training simulation in surgery? It allows routine procedures to be accelerated and perfected, but also rare, highly complex opera...

Digital orthopaedics

What exactly is behind digital solutions for orthopaedics?

voice-based assistant systems in hospital and nursing care everyday life

The adoption of digitized solutions in hospitals and other healthcare institutions increased by around 30% across Europe last year. Can this innova...

Telemedicine – a trend on the fast lane

Patient demand for digital consultations and other medical services is growing continuously. Have you already dealt with the topic of telemedicine?...

Myoelectric prostheses

Modern myoelectric prostheses are controlled by a combination of muscle contractions and electronics and offer users a high degree of functionality...

Hearing contact lenses: the new hearing aid generation

The causes of hearing loss are many and varied, ranging from a permanent increase in noise levels to vascular constrictions, sudden hearing loss or...

Near-infrared sensing for the treatment of bladder dysfunction

New development approaches address the non-invasive treatment of urinary tract disease through the use of near-infrared sensing.

Digital biopsy

How can digital biopsies meet the quality standards of traditional biopsies without removing tissue?

An innovative perspective for heart attack patients

Heart attacks and strokes are one of the most common causes of death worldwide or lead to severely reduced cardiac output. In the future, a new the...

Flying helpers – drones support medical care

In the future, automated drones will take over the delivery of medicines from pharmacies to hospitals as well as the transport of defibrillators, b...

Sensor implants for painless blood glucose measurement

Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) systems are now considered an innovative solution and promise more flexibility and continuous blood sugar monitori...

Virtual Rehabilitation

The field of innovation in medical technology is not only diverse, it is also characterized by a continuous drive forwards.

Smart textiles revolutionize medical treatment processes

Innovative trends such as smart patches and smart robotic should optimize medical diagnostics, treatment and control in the future. A new research ...

Smart Patches – smart medical support

Product innovation in the field of health wearables through project merger between the polymer company Covestro and the startup InnoME.

Surgical robots – innovative support in the operating room

A new, promising trend in medical technology is the use of robots or robotics assistance systems, which are intended to support human physicians an...

Smart Home – age independently and healthily

Ambient Assisted Living stands for services, products and technological concepts that are intended to make everyday life and quality easier, especi...

MedTech back on course for innovation

Over 14,000 new registrations (+2.6%) and numerous new champion-clusters

AI automation across the medtech product lifecycle

RPA, NLP, NLG and data science as tech boosters

Intelligent information retrieval in the MedTech segment

Software robotics automate content searches by >70%.

Heart medicine and dentures from the 3D printer

Heart medicine and dentures from the 3D printer

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