Expertise for IT in the medical technology & pharmaceutical environment

The enormous progress in digitization ensures that computer-aided image processing, modeling and simulation are not only improved, but rather revolutionized, both in medical technology and in the pharmaceutical environment. Implants are becoming more powerful, integrated sensors and transmitters are providing valuable data for healthcare, and active ingredients can be virtually tested in advance for behavioral patterns and side effects.

In order to further advance digitalization, interconnectivity and automation, the use of artificial intelligence, robotics as well as machine learning is of extraordinary importance.

However, due to the creation and utilization of a large amount of data, cyber security is also playing an increasing role. Particularly in sectors such as medical technology and the pharmaceutical industry, where work is carried out with highly sensitive data, the protection of patient safety is a top priority, which is why the demand for IT experts in the field of cyber & network security is increasing dramatically on an international level.

However, the medtech & pharma industry, which is dominated by medium-sized companies, has only limited resources for the dynamic and innovative IT environment. This is where we see our added value: we support you with our selected network of IT specialists from the development and programming of your concept, to the implementation of AI, ML or Cloud solutions, to ensuring optimal Cyber Security.

With our staffing and expert solutions, we help solve resource bottlenecks to the point. With flexible experts on a temporary basis. In this way, the company taps into important know-how from outside and can adapt to future changes at an early stage.

In the area of IT, we support you in filling the following roles:

  • Head of IT
  • Head of IT Governance
  • (Senior) IT Engineer
  • (Senior) SAP Solution Architect
  • (Senior) IT Infrastructure Manager
  • (Senior) IT Compliance Manager
  • (Senior) IT Project Manager
  • (Senior) Manager Cyber Security / IT Security
  • (Senior) IT Manager IoT & KI
  • (Senior) Manager New Data Solutions

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