Medical Technology

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The medical technology industry is booming. Hardly any other industry generates more new patent applications each year than medical technology. Record sales year after year. The size of the global medical device market continues to grow. In 2019, this was estimated at US$447.63 billion, and forecasts expect it to reach US$671.49 billion by 2027. Shorter innovation cycles, tremendous pressure in the international competitive environment, and constant technological advancements pose major challenges, both regulatory and in the labor market. To drive further growth and bring more innovative products to market, the industry needs qualified and motivated personnel.

Whether you are a large corporation or a medical technology start-up – as a placement boutique in the medical technology industry, we specifically address your individual needs. We support you with our years of expertise and industry knowledge in your search for the right candidates in permanent positions. Our network of qualified experts in the industry is based on personal, trusting contact and our high standards of quality. We are experts in direct search and activation of the passive market. We research, identify and pre-qualify suitable candidates for you in order to accelerate your recruiting process. In addition, we are your consulting partner when it comes to challenges such as digitalization, the MDR regulation or the long-term retention of your employees. Contact us with your request – we will reliably and quickly deliver your best fit!

Medical technology industry in figures

  • More than 90% of medical technology companies are medium-sized and have fewer than 250 employees
  • The number of employees in Germany has risen by around 1.7% per year in recent years
  • From 2020 to 2027, the global market is forecast to grow by 5.2% annually
  • 15,321 patent applications were filed with the EPO in 2021, representing growth of 0.8%

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