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Employee Shortage – what can companies do? (Part I)

Even in 2023, companies will not have time to breathe easy. The shortage of skilled workers continues to be the biggest stress factor in companies. This year, too, employees agree: changing companies is high on the list of annual resolutions. But what can companies actively do to retain their employees?

Great resignation is the buzzword when it comes to current HR trends. Almost 70 percent of the HR managers surveyed suspect that the shortage of skilled workers will be a more forced issue in companies in 2023. That makes it all the more important to point out that nearly half of all participating employees plan to actively look for a new job this year. It is time to act. Companies need to listen and find solutions as quickly as possible. The majority of employees (62%) say their reason for changing jobs is that they are unhappy with their compensation and are therefore looking for a new job. Other reasons include a lack of flexibility (25%) in terms of where and when they work. Furthermore, the personnel surveyed (21 percent) explained that they feel compelled to change careers due to a lack of professional development opportunities within their company.

The trade pressures for employers are acute. They should define and execute solutions as quickly as possible to avoid avoidable shortfalls in their economic actions. First, companies should align their compensation model with fair market value. In addition, employees would like to see functioning internal communication. Companies can also accommodate their staff by actively initiating feedback discussions and, based on this, finding and implementing solutions for individual problem areas together with their employees. Many of the respondents would also like to be able to participate in coaching within their professional environment in order to advance their professional development. At this point, employers can act as coaches and mentors for their employees.

Of course, it is ultimately up to companies to determine how to best meet the individual needs and requirements of their employees.