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We connect and shape the industry - here is a compilation of the most important facts about arcoro and our daily work.

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renowned Med-Tech customers
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High-performance delivery model
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qualified experts
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We connect experts from the MedTech sector with exciting innovations that drive the transformation of the industry landscape. In doing so, we actively bring in our partnerships with research companies, innovation labs & technology companies and organize meetings and networking models for knowledge exchange.

Flying helpers – drones support medical care

In the future, automated drones will take over the delivery of medicines from pharmacies to hospitals as well as the transport of defibrillators, b...

Sensor implants for painless blood glucose measurement

Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) systems are now considered an innovative solution and promise more flexibility and continuous blood sugar monitori...

Virtual Rehabilitation

The field of innovation in medical technology is not only diverse, it is also characterized by a continuous drive forwards.