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Independent consultants for our clients projects

We provide independent consultants, interim managers, consultants, freelancers, advisers – many names with only one meaning: people with years of industry experience who offer their know-how on an independent basis and support MedTech companies in a targeted and short-term manner. Our portfolio differs by three main criteria – field of work, seniority and internationality.  

Field of work

We provide the best available experts for any given task, and thus we create a visible impact for our clients in the areas of R&D, Production, Engineering,  Quality Management, Regulatory and Clinical Affairs and Risk Management.  

Specialist or former C-Level executive

Our clients are given the opportunity to choose from a broad range of experiences. On the one side of the scale there are specialists with 5 years intense experience in a particular area and on the other side there are C-level executives with 20-30 years proven leadership experience.  

Global reach

arcoro is a globally acting companion with a local look and feel. Europe, USA, Asia, South America, Africa – our network of independent consultants covers over 60 nations with the exact expertise for our clients local and international projects.  

Are you looking for a special competence or do you want to join our consultant network?



Our services for external consultants

We solve problems

  • Smart need check

    Gold Platinum

    Together with the customer, you define the requirements profile – long before the project starts

    By the phone you will help the client at particularizing the need and will provide your know how for revealing "blind spots".


    Need analysis by the phone

    1-2 hours

    You will be at the client's site and will help to particularize the need with the utmost attention to detail. This will take place by a Gap analysis or with a work shop.


    Workshop, gap analysis

    2-3 days on-site

  • Placement

    We support you prior, during and after the project. You will be given the freedom to focus on activites that you enjoy and we take care of acquisition, administration and claim management.


    We place you in temporary projects, peak project periods or know-how transfers.


    We place your team as a package solution for large projects.

  • Piggyback

    As an external consultant, you can provide independent consultants and freelancers to your own customer contacts. Why is that interesting? Because you can still help your customer, even if you do not have the time to implement a project yourself. Your additional benefit: We share a large part of our commission.

Our services for MedTech companies

We solve problems

  • Analysis - smart need check

    Gold Platinum


    Known Demand

    Demand analysis by experienced arcoro contact persons

    One of our most experienced external consultants will help you at particularizing your exact demand. On top you will receive valuable input and tips tailored to your individual situation. Call in for our GOLD package!


    Demand still unclear

    Demand analysis together with one of the best external consultants

    One or more experienced external consultants will visit you on-site and will help you at particularizing your exact demand with the utmost attention to detail. Call in for our PLATINUM Package!


    Demand still unclear

    Demand analysis together with one of the best external consultants

    2-3 day gap analysis and on-site workshop

  • Implementation

    Within maximum 24 hours we search, identify and introduce perfectly matching consultants for projects and project peaks.


    Single consultants for temporary projects


    Provision of teams with more than two persons for large projects

  • Success monitoring - after completion of the actual project

    Gap analysis

    By telephone or on-site



    Mock Audit



Sep 07 2017


Freelancing consultants face several challenges, among others disguised employment. In general, disguised employment might arise, if a self-employed contractor should be classified as an employee with the rights and duties legally regulated. The consequences of working effectively as an employee, are not harmless, quite the opposite. Consultant, client and intermediary must pay taxes on wages, social insurance […]

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