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The chemical industry – transformation in full swing. The industry is complex and offers a variety of product lines ranging from basic materials to industrial precursors to body lotions and toothpaste. In 2021, the global chemical industry generated revenues of US$4.73 trillion, representing a percentage growth of nearly 24% from the previous year. In 2020, total global sales amounted to US $3.8 trillion. In Germany, the chemical sector is at the top of the industrial value chain and is the third largest in terms of sales, making it one of the most important industrial sectors in the country. Due to strict regulations, complex processes and elaborate research projects, it is important that companies are equipped with the optimal human resources.

With years of expertise in the regulated industry environment, our recruiters are available to act as intermediaries and consultants. The demand for highly specialized technical and managerial staff is high. We offer placement solutions tailored to the chemical industry to meet your needs. It is our concern to fill your vacancy reliably and quickly with pre-qualified top talents who match your requirement profile. The focus is on a perfect fit – both professionally and personally!

Chemical industry in figures

  • 2021 global sales of US $4.732 trillion were achieved
  • Europe was responsible for the largest value of both imports and exports of chemicals in 2021, followed by Asia Pacific
  • The total employment effect of the chemical industry in Germany is 787,461 jobs, which corresponds to around 1.7 percent of the workforce in Germany
  • Pharmaceuticals account for just under 1/4 of total chemical production

arcoro Innovation Center

Developments and advances within the chemical industry are dynamic and future-changing. The potential is almost inexhaustible and is the driver for change. In our Innovation Center, we share with you our knowledge and interest in the market. Innovations and industry knowledge – aggregated and to the point.