Regulatory Affairs

Expertise for all international approval processes and standards - interlinked with all interfaces along the product life cycle

The constant changes in the regulations for the approval of medical devices and medicinal products require the utmost attention and a permanent updating of the state of knowledge. This applies to both new product launches and the renewal of existing approvals. The market pressure for growth, innovation and regional expansion is creating increasing pressure on performance and resources. The overload on notified bodies is increased accordingly. A real game of nerves. Calmness, competence and goal-oriented work are currently the basic prerequisites for success.

To remain competitive in the market, manufacturers must have a profound knowledge of all applicable regulations and standards. In addition to this knowledge, it is also important to implement it on schedule. This is an ideal starting point for permanent or temporary external reinforcement.

The range of services and knowledge in the field of “Regulatory Affairs” is broad and touches on a multitude of different directives, laws, regulations and standards. At the same time, internationalization leads to a variety of country-specific regulations with explicit differences in approval.

Important regulations are national laws and ordinances such as the Medical Devices Act (MPG), the Medical Devices Operator Ordinance (MPBetreibV) or the German Medicines Act (AMG). Europe-wide guidelines for the approval of medical devices can be found in the Medical Device Directive and the Medical Device Regulation – MDR. In addition, the MEDDEV guidelines are an important requirement. In the European drug regulatory system, the approval of medicinal products is regulated either by a centralized, a decentralized or a mutual recognition procedure, in which EMA and the member states are responsible for the approval. Here, the requirements of the AMWHV must also be observed.

The core areas in this area are adaptations to the products as well as their labeling and testing prior to market launch. The creation and maintenance of technical documentation must comply with the requirements of the Medical Device Regulation (MDR) or the German Medicines Act (AMG) as well as the respective differences in international approvals. In addition to the FDA, the CFDA and PMDA must increasingly be taken into account here.

With our personnel and expert solutions, we help to solve resource bottlenecks to the point. With flexible experts on a temporary basis – or selected permanent employees who become part of the customer’s team structure.

In Regulatory Affairs, we support you in filling the following roles:

  • Head of Regulatory Affairs
  • (Senior) Manager Regulatory Affairs
  • (Senior) Manager Regulatory Compliance
  • (Senior) Manager Product Safety
  • (Senior) Regulatory Affairs Program Manager
  • (Senior) CMC Regulatory Affairs Manager
  • Medical Regulatory Writing

arcoro Innovation Center for Regulatory Affairs

In our Innovation Center you will find up-to-date information on innovation products and technologies in the regulated medical technology, pharmaceutical and chemical industries – aggregated and to the point.

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