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Appraisal interviews are an integral part of HR management, but it can be difficult at first to evaluate a person’s performance. Using the GROW model, HR managers can work with employees to analyze individual potential problem areas and develop appropriate solutions. The GROW model makes it easier for both parties to analyze performance by defining a reference point for subsequent review of planned performance. But what exactly is the GROW model and how can it be applied in practice?

The acronym GROW stands for four distinct phases of the overall model. The first phase of the model deals with “goal setting.” The focus should be on shaping future long- or short-term goals and serving as a general direction for desired change. In this phase, it is up to both parties to develop specific goals to estimate what milestones need to be achieved and in what time frame. Note, however, that for the GROW model to be successfully implemented, the targeted goals must be within realistic resources.

The next step is what is called a “reality check.” At this point, it is important to take a closer look at the current problem situation and note what constitutes the current situation and where action is needed. Therefore, an optimization analysis should be implemented to clearly understand the problem domain. Based on a reality check, we need to create a transparent view of the performance in the current sense to make the next phase as accurate as possible.

The next step to successfully apply the GROW model is to define possible “options”, i.e. realistic possibilities to implement the formulated goals. In this step, it is up to the stakeholders to define a clear strategy to successfully implement the expected goals. It is important to consider separately which options can be actively used and which have failed in the past. In this stage, interactions between HR managers and employees should lead to the successful completion of the penultimate stage.

In the final stage of the GROW model, it is important to establish the “will” or willpower to gather the necessary motivation to implement the defined goals. From the employee’s perspective, it is important to determine how likely it is that he or she will actually implement the goals set. A realistic view of the parameters is therefore necessary and any adjustments to the strategy should be corrected immediately. However, it should be noted that the use of the GROW model should be considered individually and adjusted and implemented as needed.