Expertise in the manufacturing of medical devices & pharmaceutical products - from prototyping to large-scale production

Topics such as miniaturization, automation and networking are among the most important fields of innovation in the MedTech sector.. Additive manufacturing must be used to quickly create prototypes – and after their success to promptly transform them into in-house or outsourced series production. In the global situation with a rethinking of production capacities and value chains, this is a real challenge. Innovation and rethinking are increasingly becoming a decisive competitive factor. New technologies such as miniaturized sensor technology, 3-D printing, biohybrid materials or lab-on-a-chip systems are redefining the market – and also posing completely new challenges for manufacturing.

However, the medtech sector, which is dominated by medium-sized companies, has only limited resources for developing and implementing new manufacturing processes. It is therefore important to involve production experts at an early stage.  And also to increasingly rely on innovation partnerships and distributed production strategies with specialized partners.

With our resource solutions, we help solve project bottlenecks to the point. With flexible temporary experts – or selected permanent employees who become part of the customer’s team structure. In this way, the company taps important know-how from outside and can adapt to future changes at an early stage.

Our service areas for fixed and flexible resource solutions:

  • Analysis and definition of the production process (PFMEA/FMEA, creation of manufacturing documents and process tools)
  • Innovation consulting with regard to new production processes and technical challenges Planning of the assembly process / production optimization (Industrial Engineering)
  • Robotics & Additive Manufacturing
  • Design planning
  • Support in the preparation of documents relevant for admission
  • Auditing and optimization of the procurement process for subcomponents
  • Planning of the assembly process / production optimization (Industrial Engineering)
  • Lean Management, CIP, Six Sigma
  • Technical documentation
  • Quality management

arcoro MedTech-Corner for Production

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