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Pharmaceutical industry: strengths, weaknesses and challenges

The last few years have been characterized by a variety of different challenges faced by different industries and companies. The pharmaceutical industry in particular has been challenged, as the pandemic has created unprecedented demand for vaccines and halted many clinical trials.

The pharmaceutical industry is one of the most important industries in Germany and has recorded continuous sales growth since 2011. This can be attributed on the one hand to the high degree of innovation and on the other hand to the good public funding landscape, qualified specialists and good education and research infrastructures. In addition, many young people see the pharmaceutical industry as particularly attractive due to the pay and qualification opportunities.

The pharmaceutical industry is subject to strong regulation. For this reason, it is increasingly confronted with stricter requirements for product safety and sustainable production in operations and along supply chains. In addition, the industry is also subject to high investment risks, as the effect of new drugs is protracted and the outcome always uncertain. This puts enormous financial pressure as well as competitive pressure on companies.

But what are currently the biggest challenges facing companies in the industry? Learn more about the strengths, weaknesses and challenges of the pharmaceutical industry in Germany in the new arcoro SNAPS.