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Digital Health

Digital Health is the umbrella term for the merging of digital and genomic technologies in the health sector. It describes the digitalisation of processes and structures.

It supports communication between doctors and patients as well as between doctors themselves. Through applications such as digital consultations, electronic patient records and electronic prescriptions, data can be exchanged quickly and easily between the parties without contact. Digitalisation also affects vaccination cards and medication schedules, so that patients can always carry all information with them.

Digital health is also strongly driven by health apps. These can be downloaded by users onto a mobile device in a simple and user-friendly way. The applications support the prevention and monitoring of diseases and their progression.

The advantages lie in the promotion of patient-oriented care and the planned facilitation and relief of medical institutions. In emergencies, patient-relevant data is quickly available and it promotes uniform and comprehensive documentation as well as the development of personalised therapies.

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