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Electrotherapy is a range of medical and physiotherapeutic applications that are carried out using electric current. There are different procedures. The common feature of all applications is that either direct or alternating current is passed through the patient’s body. Electrotherapy is used to loosen muscles, relieve chronic pain and improve circulation. It also supports the metabolism and can remedy paralysis symptoms.

The procedure is carried out by attaching electrodes to the surface of the patient’s skin. If a peripheral nerve in the body has failed, the electrodes can also be attached directly to the tissue. Electrical stimuli can then be used to simulate nerve function. In addition, the electrical stimulation signals help to generate magnetic fields inside the body.

Electrotherapies can be divided into four categories:

  • Low frequency therapy
  • Medium frequency therapy
  • High-frequency therapy
  • Direct current therapy

As with any therapy, there can be side effects. These include slight burns of the skin surface, circulatory disturbances and sensory disturbances. Cardiac arrhythmias can also occur as a result of electrotherapy.

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