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Foil sensor technology

Foil sensor technology deals with printed electrons and a complex composition or multilayer structure. Foil sensors are regarded as an electrical functional element whose basis is a thin, highly flexible foil substrate. Other components usually include sensor elements, actuator elements and an emitter element. The design of foil sensors is variable, as the foil substrate can be adapted in shape as desired.

Foil sensors can be either multiparametric or equipped with a sensor array. multiparametric sensors are existent when many different sensors are applied to the foil. Thus, several different parameters can be tracked simultaneously. In the sensor array method, several sensors of the same type are applied to the foil substrate. This allows a targeted and more precise detection and documentation as well as assurance of deviations at different points.

Characteristic for foil sensors is a long lifetime and a very thin appearance. The application of foil sensors can be found in all areas of everyday medical life: diagnostics, operations, therapies and rehabilitation processes.

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