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Head Mounted Display

With the help of a head mounted display (HDM) it is possible to visualize information and data. In the context of the gaming scene, head mounted displays have long been a household name. In medical technology, the instrument, which enables an interactive experience, is now used during operations, for simulation and training, as well as in rehabilitation.

A head-mounted display is usually worn in the form of a pair of glasses, or more rarely as a helmet, and consists of one or two displays and an optical assembly. This allows the image to be projected three-dimensionally in front of the eye. The image material is provided by an external data source connected to the HDM. The hardware of the instrument contains sensors and a so-called head tracking. This means that the movements of the head are detected and the projected images are adjusted according to the viewing direction. Head mounted displays can be divided into two groups: monocular and binocular HMD.

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