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An implant is a medical product or artificial material that is inserted into the body for long-term or even permanent retention. The uses and functions of implants vary, but all serve a medical purpose.

A distinction is made between mechanical and electrical implants. Mechanical implants are used to restore physical forms and functions. Examples include vascular prostheses, dental implants, implants for bone stabilization or surgical-reconstructive medicine, and implants used in cosmetic surgery. Electronic implants, on the other hand, are used to optimize specific organ functions. These include, for example, cochlear implants and cardiac pacemakers.

In the future, more versatile application possibilities are expected due to technological progress. Nano-technologies play a significant role in this context and are expected to open up new perspectives in therapy.

The cost of an implant varies greatly and depends on the type of implant and the cost of treatment. The material, laboratory costs and doctor’s fees are also included in the total amount.

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