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Medical technology

Medical technology is a dynamic and rapidly growing industry that is characterised by a large number of regulations and provisions. It is both a medical and engineering field of work in which special medical devices, medical equipment but also procedures are developed and manufactured. These are then used for the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of diseases. The incorporation of technical knowledge is intended to contribute to the optimisation of therapies and health histories and at the same time support medical professionals in their everyday work.

The aim is to maintain the quality of life of an ageing society into old age and to support people’s independence and self-determination. Following strict regulations to which medical devices are subject minimise serious effects and other risks for patients. Nevertheless, there is no other industry that registers more patent applications than medical technology. It is also interesting to note that half of the industry’s turnover is generated by medical devices that have been approved and available on the market for less than 3 years.

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