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Pharmacovigilance is understood to be the totality of all measures for the detection, recording as well as evaluation and prevention of side effects that may appear during the use of medicinal products. Pharmacovigilance thus plays a crucial role in ensuring drug safety and maintaining the quality and safety of the medication process.

Pharmacovigilance supports risk management in the process surrounding the use of medicines. The main tasks include the recording of production errors or the identification of defective packaging and preparations. In addition, efforts are made to prevent therapeutic errors and to disseminate drug information. In addition, there is the reporting of ADRs to the responsible authorities and the organization of a reporting chain that extends from healthcare professionals to pharmaceutical companies and their service providers to the authorities.

The goals to be achieved by pharmacovigilance are the improvement of patient care in the context of all medical and paramedical interventions and the performance of their contribution to the assessment of benefit, efficacy and drug risk in rational and efficient use.

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