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Quality of supply

In medical technology and healthcare, quality of care is understood to mean the high-quality care of people. It can be divided into three sub-areas: Structural quality, process quality and outcome quality. In general, good quality of care can be ensured through the use of systematic quality management.

  • Structural quality: This area covers the resources available for the care of patients. Criteria include the number of qualified medical staff, the number of medical devices, professional competence, spatial conditions, organizational structures, and work and process flows in healthcare facilities. Specific requirements and guidelines are prescribed nationwide.


  • Process quality: This component includes all activities aimed at therapeutic or medical services. Diagnostics and therapeutic approaches, medication prescriptions, medical documentation and recommendations fall into this category. The structure of a process can be evaluated by means of qualification certificates, equipment of the medical facility and warranty statements.


  • Outcome quality: This component of quality of care refers to the results of medical or therapeutic treatment. Health states, disease cures and general patient satisfaction fall as indicators in this area.
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