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Tremor is a condition in which the patient’s muscles tremble involuntarily and rhythmically. It is a natural bodily reaction that cannot be controlled by willpower. It occurs because two muscles that are responsible for opposing movements act in rapid alternation with each other. Tremor is often improved by relaxation in daily life, meditation or progressive muscle relaxation, but can also be limited by medication. It is usually some kind of shaking movement involving the hands, arms and/or head. In medicine, tremor is assessed according to the situation in which it occurs, as well as based on the severity and speed. Furthermore, a distinction is made between rest tremor and action tremor. The resting tremor occurs mainly in resting states and can even be improved by action. Action tremor, on the other hand, can be attributed to specific causes and moments, as it occurs repeatedly in the same situations.

Tremor is a natural bodily reaction to concrete environmental stimuli and exertion. Such reactions are also referred to as physiological tremor, which is almost imperceptible and does not cause any restrictions. A strong tremor, on the other hand, can be caused by traumatic experiences, withdrawal symptoms or serious illnesses. The origin can on the one hand be neurological and thus, could derive from the brain or the nerve tracts. On the other hand it can be developed through the metabolism of the muscles themselves.

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